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Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where our bodies are threatened. Here are some ideas on how to protect yourself from attacks by others and by forces of nature such as fire.

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Wilderness Survival Kits

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Being lost or stranded in the wilderness can be extremely dangerous, particularly in harsh weather and without adequate food, water, clothing, and shelter. If you anticipate being in the wilderness, begin your preparations by reading a few books on wilderness survival. If you are prepared and know what to do ahead of time, you won’t panic.

Here are a few pointers on how to prepare a wilderness survival kit:

  • Compactness is very important. Only put in the kit what you really need in an emergency. If the kit is cumbersome to carry easily, it usually ends up being left behind in the car or tent and not with you when you need it. The best test is if you know you are carrying it, it's too large or heavy.
  • The kit should be water resistant or waterproof.
  • The most important things in a wilderness survival kit are
    • items for warmth - plastic sheet, poncho, strike anywhere matches in a waterproof case and/or a disposable lighter)
    • drinking water - if sources of water are abundant, you can boil water for 10 minutes to kill bacteria, but you will need something to boil it in. Consider water purification tablets and a rollup bladder or bag.
    • a cutting tool (sharp, sturdy knife).
    • food - pack a couple of energy bars and a miniature fishing kit (fish hooks, fish line, sinkers in a film canister)
    • a compass, map, and a writing instrument.
  • Medical supplies:
    • a small supply of any necessary medications
    • a small first aid kit with a few basic items, but remember, keep it small. A roll of gauze, gauze pads, aspirin, and antibiotic cream should be enough.
  • If you are dependant on eyeglasses, consider putting an extra pair in your survival kit.

Remember to keep the kit separate from your backpack, jacket, or other item that you might accidentally become separated from. The best place to keep it is in a fanny pack attached to your belt.
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