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Camping Stoves

When camping, unless you want cold cereal and sandwiches all the time, you will need a stove. Although most campgrounds have a grill, what is available may not meet your cleanliness standards or cooking needs; that's the time to consider buying a stove.

When buying a camping stove, there are a number of things to consider:

  • Size- single burner stoves are ideal for preparing meals for one person and for backpacking trips. When cooking for families or a group, a two-burner stove is usually sufficient unless it is a very large group, where a three-burner stove is more suitable.
  • Fuel - the most popular fuels are:
    • Gas (Coleman Fuel): This produces more heat and burns quickly with no odor, but the fuel need to be poured into the fuel tank, pressurized and primed to light. Look for a stove with temperature controls so you don’t burn your food. Multi-fuel burners are a plus if you camp outside the US since this type of gas is sometimes difficult to buy in other countries.
    • Propane: Easy to use and clean, these stoves use either screw in bottles, a grill/RV gas bottle, or a “distribution tree” that also lets you connect a propane lantern-great for providing light while cooking at night. Electric starters eliminate the need for matches to light it.
  • Accessories - Items to have for easier cooking are:
    • windscreen to keep the flame from blowing out and for holding in the heat
    • a long handled sparker for lighting stoves

      without electric starters
    • a stand or folding table for a level surface to put the stove on so you don’t have to use the picnic table where you eat
    • oven mitts and potholders

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