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Dollhouse Kits

Building a dollhouse is a great craft project to do by yourself or with someone special. Dollhouses are enjoyed by people of all ages and can be passed down from generation to generation. Dollhouse kits are available in many styles, sizes, and degrees of complexity; pick one that is appropriate to your interests, aptitude, and enthusiasm. Here are some pointers to help you pick the right dollhouse for you.

Begin by considering the style of the dollhouse. Choose a dollhouse style based on how you plan to furnish the dollhouse. Kits are available for Victorian, traditional colonial, log cabins, lighthouses, and contemporary homes. You may also want to consider how the house will fit into the decorating scheme of the room in which you will display it.

Next, choose the right size for the dollhouse. To a large extent, this depends on how large of house you are modelling and how much room you have available for it. Since dollhouse kits come in 1, 1/2 or l/4 scales (1 inch = one foot, l/2 inch = one foot, or 1/4 inch = one foot), you can have a large scale model of a small house or a small scale model of a large house in the same space. However, since exact miniaturization is expensive, keep in mind that the smaller the scale, the less detail available for an equivalent price.

Third, decide on the degree of realism you want to achieve. With enough time and money, you can put enough effort into customizing the dollhouse to make it a true replica of a real house -- indeed, they have the potential to be outfitted to the smallest details, such as working electric lights. In general, the older the dollhouse owner, the more detail you will want in the house and less left to the imagination.

Finally, choose your kit based on the degree of pre-fabrication and construction you want to undertake. For people who do not want to undertake the construction of an entire dollhouse, finished shells can be purchased -- all you need to do is decorate and furnish the rooms.
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