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Camping Lanterns

When you camp, even in a campground, you will want light when it gets dark. There are many types of camping lanterns, so before you buy one, here are some things to consider:

  • How much light is needed? If you only need light for yourself, and especially if hiking/biking, consider a lantern that is small, lightweight, and designed to fit in a backpack. A larger lantern gives more, stronger light but check that it runs a sufficient number of hours so you arenít always refueling it.
  • What are you lighting? If you want soft ambient light all around, look for a lantern with a frosted globe glass. To light up a specific area such as the cooking stove, consider a lantern with adjustable reflectors or a multi-position light head. Lanterns with adjustable levels of brightness let you determine how bright you want the light: from a nightlight to light to read by.
  • What type of fuel? The most popular lanterns use batteries, propane, or white gas (Coleman Fuel). Batteries are easily replaced. Propane lanterns can be operated with the small screw-in bottles or from a larger grill/RV propane bottle for longer and less expensive operation. If you camp outside the US, white gas may be difficult to find.
  • What extra features would you like?
    • an electronic lighter for non-electric models so you donít have to use matches to start them
    • sturdy handles for easy carrying and hanging from a tree or hook
    • automatic shut off when in a closed position means you donít waste fuel if you accidentally leave the lantern on
    • a remote lets you operate the lantern from a distance

    • cool touch fluorescent bulbs or mantels means no burnt fingers
    • dual-purpose lanterns with fans and/or clock radios so you have one item instead of several to contend with.
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