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Online Games

Today's PC's can run some pretty impressive games that range from online versions of popular board games to video arcade style "shoot-em-up" games with incredibly realistic graphics.

Online games can be describe as one of three types:
  • a competition with the computer, where it is a player or judge of your performance
  • for play among several players at your PC
  • interaction with players at different PC's through the Internet

Game distributors must pay the cost of developing, programming, and/or distributing the games; if a game interacts with a host computer, they also must pay for that expense. Few, if any, game distributors are in business to lose money, so they aim to recapture their costs (and in most cases make a profit) in at least one of these ways:
  • through advertising that appears on their site, during the game download process, and during game play
  • installing on your PC 'adware' or other software that provides them or their client the ability to show advertising to you while you are using your PC (not necessarily only while you are using the game)
  • collecting user information to be used for sending advertising
  • a per download or play fee
  • a membership fee (one time or recurring)

Before you download any program, make sure you:
  • are accessing a reputable website that has checked their downloads for viruses
  • read the privacy policy if you are giving your address, email address, or telephone number. Spam isn't spam if you agree to receive it, and many websites bury a clause in their privacy policy that grants them permission to send it to you; hence, by registering to get the game download, you are "opting in" to a potential flood of online spam and telephone solications.
  • understand any billing information if you are giving some form of payment. You should understand if the fee is a one time charge, per use charge, or a recurring subscription. In the case of the subscription, you should understand how and when to cancel it should you no longer want the service.
Armed with this knowledge, you may more safely peruse the game sites in search of a game that best fits your needs.

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