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PC Power Supplies

When choosing a power supply for your personal computer, there are two key considerations: the amount of power that it delivers and the noise it makes producing power.

Power supplies are typically 350W to 500W (watts). To determine what capacity you need, add up the power consumption of the major components in your system and then round up (plus some for a comfort margin). Pay particular attention to hard disks and powerful graphics adapters because these two components gulp the most power. Ignore components that are not powered by the computer, such as your monitor and printer.

The major source of noise in PC's is the cooling fan(s) to dissipate heat, and power supplies are a major contributor of heat

in a PC. Quieter power supplies have temperature controlled fans to keep fan noise at a minimum. Passive cooling features that eliminate fans all together can be worth the additional cost because they can make the PC almost silent.

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