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Camping Tent Accessories

Once you have your tent, there are a number of tent accessories available to make it more comfortable and long lasting. Consider getting the following items:

  • Footprint: This is a pad or tarp that goes between the tent floor and the ground for protection from rocks and other hard, sharp objects plus adds another layer of protection from dampness. Be sure that the footprint is not too big or it will collect water that could enter the tent during wet weather.
  • Repair kit: These come in all sizes and for a variety of repair jobs. At the least, get one that contains repair tape to patch any rips or holes in the tent. Itís not much fun to camp in tent with a hole that lets in bugs and rain.
  • Gear storage lofts or pockets: These store gear off the floor so you wonít trip over them all the time while giving you more usable floor space. They usually are made of mesh and clip to the inner tent supports. Even if your tent has pockets already, additional ones are beneficial.
  • Extra tent pegs: Your tent may be unstable or may not stay up at all because of a lost or broken tent peg. Having spares is a must. It is also helpful to have a set of pegs designed specially for soft ground and another set for hard ground. If you enjoy the whimsical, there are tent pegs shaped like animals and trees (available on line) to decorate your campsite.
  • Coffee slings: For those who enjoy their coffee in the tent and donít want a wet floor from a tipped over coffee cup, there are roof suspended slings to hold the coffee cup up off the floor.
  • Clip-on vestibule: These are floor-less additions that add sheltered space outside the tent to store bikes and other items you donít want in the tent.

Finally, consider getting a tent light in case you decide to stay up a bit after the setting sun. These specifically designed lanterns can be used in a tent for general lighting, reading, or as a nightlight.
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