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Bed Pillows

Just as it is important to have a mattress that gives you the proper support for a good nightís rest, it is also important to have a pillow with the correct support for your neck, head, and spine so you wake up without any aches and pains. Choosing the right pillow is a matter of deciding what you need and what you want. Consider these points:

  • Don't confuse appearance with comfort: it isnít necessary to coordinate the pillow size with the size of the bed. If you sleep in a twin bed, you may want a larger sized pillow or, conversely, if you have a king bed, king sized pillows may be too large (you might want 3 standard sized pillows instead). If the pillow is for a child, consider getting one made for children.
  • Just like mattresses, pillows come in a variety of fillings, including natural fibers, polyester, gels, foam, or a combination of these. Firmness is partly determined by the filling. Goose down is soft and moldable each time you use it. Foam can be firmer and doesnít change between uses. Or, you can get one of the newer foam pillows that molds itself to your shape for a customized fit. For those with allergies, consider a pillow that is washable or made from allergy-free materials.
  • How you sleep and the firmness of your mattress also determines what type of pillow is best for you. In general, those who sleep on their sides need a firmer pillow (to keep the neck raised up) than those who sleep on their backs or stomachs. You can get pillows that are specially shaped to the various sleeping styles to add an extra level of support and comfort.

Bed pillows are not just limited to those that go under your head.

There are pillows available that go between or underneath your knees that help alleviate backaches and pains. Pregnant women and sleepers who like to snuggle up to a pillow might enjoy a full-length body pillow. For those who enjoy a soothing scent to help them relax can find pillows with herbs and fragrances as part of their filler.

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