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Blankets are light weight covers that keep you warm while you are sleeping. They come in the standard bedding sizes-twin, full, queen and king. They are priced according to size and the material they are manufactured from. Blankets are easy to order online or through catalogs since tey are easy and inexpensive to ship. The following are the most common materials for blankets:

  • Man made materials such as fleece are warm and easy to care for. They can be washed in the machine and are made in a wide variety of colors. Generally these fleece blankets only come in smaller sizes. Make sure that the stitching on the outer edge has not started to unravel.
  • Cotton blankets are a good choice for warmer climates or summer air conditioned rooms, as they are not as warm as other types of blankets. They are available in all standard size bedding and come in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Cotton can stretch out of shape over time and so should not be washed in the machine. Check to make sure the edges of the blanket are smooth and straight.
  • Wool is the most traditional blanket material. It is warm, durable and comes in all bedding sizes. A good wool blanket can last forever if properly taken care of. Wool can be dyed in a wide range of colors. Although it can be washed in the machine, it is wise to dry clean a good wool blanket so that it will keep its shape and fine texture. Wool blankets are usually bound with a soft, silky material at the top and bottom. Make sure these bindings are smooth and flat and that they have regular stitching.

Newer on the market are light weight down and down-like blankets. These are flatter than down comforters. They are usually box stitched to keep the filling from shifting and have dense cotton covers (at least 240 thread count) that prevent any filling from escaping. Although down blankets

have been repeatedly washed to make them hypoallergenic, people with feather allergies may prefer down-like fillings. These blankets can be washed, but because of their bulk it is best to use large commercial type machines. Make sure all bindings are smooth and flat and that they have regular stitching.

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