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Blenders, like food processors, are essential in any well equipped kitchen. They are used for mixing and pureeing foods and for such tasks as chopping ice. They are a great way to make delicious drinks or smoothies. Blenders can be purchased for under $30. Better models will have more speeds and heavier duty motors. Waring, Oster, Kitchen Aid and Cuisinart are commonly found manufacturers of blenders.

Look for the following features if you are considering buying a blender:

  • The blender jar should be made from a clear shatter resistant material. Heavy duty glass is the most common. The jar should have a tight fitting lid to prevent whirling liquids from flying all over the room. A handle for pouring liquids is a real convenience.
  • The blender base houses the motor, and it should also be made from a high quality shatter proof material such as plastic or metal. Larger capacity blenders need to have heavier duty motors. If you are planning to chop a lot of ice, be aware that less expensive models may quickly wear out.
  • Check the number of speeds the blender has. A simple on and off switch may be all you need, but more expensive blenders offer up to ten or more speeds, allowing for more versatility.

Manufacturers have recently introduced machines that combine blenders with food processors. These have two different tops that share the same base, but neither top may have the same capacity as those on separate models.

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