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Christmas Tree Stands

Perhaps the most difficult job at Christmas time is getting the tree into a stand that will keep it standing straight and secure throughout the holiday season. No one wants a crashing tree to break precious ornaments, damage furniture, or perhaps even start a fire.

The right tree stand can take the frustration out of this task. Tree stands are made in a wide variety of styles and sizes. It is important to buy the right kind of stand for the type of tree you have as there is a significant difference between stands made for artificial trees and those made for real trees. Always check to make sure the stand you are buying can securely hold the size tree you want to put in it.

When shopping for a tree stand, consider the following:

  • Stands for artificial trees are generally smaller and less expensive than those made for real trees because they do not need a water reservoir. Usually, these stands consist of a central holder for the tree pole supported by several legs that span out in a circle to hold the tree steady. Larger trees will need a larger circle radius.
  • Artificial trees can also sit in stands that will rotate them 360 degrees for a more dramatic decorative effect. It is important to check the height of your tree and the diameter of your tree pole before buying a rotating stand to make sure the stand will support the tree properly. Some rotating models have handy additional electric plug-in outlets for the tree lights. Look for stands made from heavy duty flexible poly vinyl.
  • Tree stands for real trees are only safe if they have a reservoir for water. It is important to be able to easily refill the reservoir if you plan to have your tree up for more than a few days. The larger the water reservoir, the less frequently you will have to refill it. Some convenient tree stands have an attached, removable plastic jug with a handle for easy refilling. Another convenient feature allows you to remove leftover water from the stand before taking down the tree -- a great help in reducing mess.
  • Most stands for real trees hold the tree steady by bolts that force spikes into the base of the tree. While this secures the tree, it is difficult (especially for one person) to get the tree both secure and standing up straight. Look for tree stands allow you to adjust the angle of the tree through mechanisms such as swivels and foot pedals.
  • Stands that have plastic padding on the bottom are important for preventing scratching the floor unless you are putting the tree on a rug or carpet..

Because most home trees are under 10 feet tall, stands for taller trees can be hard to find. You may need to search the internet, where you can find stands that can hold up to 20 foot trees.

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