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Unlike standard curtain rods, which are hidden by fabric, decorative curtain rods are meant to be seen. They come in a wide variety of designs and sizes.

Most decorative curtain rods are made from metal or wood. Some rods are manufactured from synthetic materials that look like metal or wood but can be lighter weight. Many have a detachable decorative finial on each end. These finials can be used to create a customized look for every room in the house.

The following should be considered when buying decorative curtain rods:
  • Make sure the style of the rod suits the style of the curtains and the room where they will hang. Wooden rods can be painted to match the color of the walls and woodwork. Metal rods can be shiny or antiqued to a duller finish.
  • Make sure the rod is sturdy enough to hold the curtains without sagging since curtains can be quite heavy. Similarly, the brackets used to hang the rods need to be strong enough to support the full weight of both the rod and curtains. Longer window spans may need extra brackets above the top of the window.
  • Decorative curtain rods usually come in standard lengths. Metal rods will often expand to suit the size needed; most wooden rods and those made from synthetics can be cut to size.
  • Check to see how the curtains will be attached to the rods. Curtains can be hung by sliding the rod through a pocket at the top, but rings or hooks will make it easier to open and close the curtains.
  • If you want to hang a second, lighter layer of sheer curtains behind the main curtains, make sure the rod brackets you select can accomodate a second rod.
Unless you want your curtains to hang straight down, remember to look for matching curtain tie backs when buying the rods.

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