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Door Mats

An attractive door mat not only helps prevent dirt from entering your house, it can also set a welcoming tone at your door. All door mats should be made from weather resistant materials. They can be ordered online or through catalogs, as they are easy and inexpensive to ship. Consider the following when buying a door mat:

  • Rubber mats offer excellent traction, especially in freezing conditions. These can have a simple hexagonal design or feature elegant scrollwork that gives them the appearance of wrought iron. Rubber mats will not rust, and they also resist mold, stains and UV rays. Dirt falls through the holes. They can be swept or hosed clean. Special sizes that fit stair treads are available.
  • Rubber backed fiber mats combine excellent traction with a surface for scraping and wiping foot wear. These mats come in a variety of colors and patterns. Look for models that are grooved to allow water to drain quickly from all sides. They can be cleaned by sweeping, vacuuming or hosing.
  • Door mats can also be made from natural fibers such as coconut or coir bristles. These thirsty mats catch lots of dirt. Some are rubber backed. Handsome and tasteful, natural fiber mats come in a variety of shapes and are easy to personalized with the home owner's name, initials or welcoming message. Some will fade if placed in direct sunlight.
  • Aluminum mats are rust proof and make wonderful boot scrapers. They often have a scrollwork pattern that makes them look like cast iron. Aluminum mats are usually finished with weather resistant powdercoating in black, copper or bronze. They can be personalized with

    an interchangeable center panel featuring a name, initials or welcoming message. These mats are cleaned by sweeping or hosing.

Personalized door mats make excellent gifts, but remember that they cannot be returned.

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