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Electric Blankets

Electric blankets can keep you toasty warm on cold winter nights without the weight of heavy blankets. They can be used to preheat your sheets or can help reduce heating bills by allowing you to sleep in a colder room. Electric blankets come in standard bedding sizes and are priced according to size: twin, full, queen and king. They come in a variety of colors. Electric blankets are easy to order online or through catalogs, as they are inexpensive and easy to ship.

Consider the following when buying electric blankets:
  • Look to see what electric voltage the blanket operates on. 120 volts is standard, but newer models use less than 25 volts.
  • There should be up to 10 different heat settings on the controller. Twin and full size blankets usually have one controller, while queen and king size will have two for individual comfort. Look for completely silent controllers (controllers that click on and off all night can disturb your sleep). Blankets that automatically turn off after ten hours are a real convenience as well as safeguard that they are not left on all day..
  • The pattern of the wires should provide even coverage. Newer blankets use heating wires that can hardly be felt when cold, as they are 80% smaller then those found in older electric blankets, so you'll have to turn the blanket on to check for hot or cold spots.
  • Electric blankets, like any blanket, will get dirty over time. Make sure the blanket is washable and will not shrink after washing.

Remember that electric blankets should not be used on infants, small children, or the disabled. Care should be taken when used by the elderly. Check to make sure the blanket model is appropriate if you wish to use it on an airbed or waterbed.

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