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Decorating with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of manipulating and arranging your personal space to attract positive energy (chi) into your life so that it flows smoothly and prevents obstructions that can have adverse effects. A decorator who practices Feng Shui will divide your home into eight or nine areas, creating zones that represent specific parts of life. By identifying problems in each living and working space and showing you how to cure them, the decorator will add the positive energy to the space that will, according to the tradition, make your life better.

If you are thinking of hiring a decorator to help you achieve the harmony of Feng Shui, consider the following:

  • Feng Shui considers the eight building blocks of existence. These are health, love, wealth, career, wisdom, reputation, children, and helpful people. Each room should be arranged to direct good energy into the area of the home that helps with one of these parts of life. Particularly important are the main entrance, the stove, the bed, and any work spaces.
  • Western Feng Shui places emphasis on turning a dwelling into a square or rectangle. This can be done by adding architectural details or plants to exterior spaces. Features that improve the restfulness of a space, such as the sound of running water, may be suggested.
  • Every room should have a balance among the five elements of earth, water, fire, wood, and metal. A variety of colors can help balance the chi in your home. The decorator will help you select which particular color will have the desired effect.

Many feng shui decorators will charge either a flat fee or a set rate per square foot. Others charge by the hour, although they may have a minimum number of hours for any one session.

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