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Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are essential for entertaining. Extra guests can be comfortably seated, and later, the chairs can then be folded up and stored until they are needed again. Folding chairs are most commonly made of wood, metal, synthetic materials such as plastic or polyethylene or combinations of these. They come in a range of prices.

The following should be considered when buying folding chairs:

  • Folding chairs need to be well made and sturdy. Wood chairs are very sturdy and are a good choice for outside, as they are less likely to blow over in the wind. However, wood chairs can be heavy to move and bulky to store.
  • Metal chairs should have a weather resistant finish such as powder paint. The frames should be made of tempered tubular steel and any cross braces should be firmly welded. Metal chairs come in a range of weights; heavier models are better for outside use.
  • Synthetic chairs made from materials such as plastic or polyethylene can be sturdy even though they are lightweight and easy to carry and store. Many models have weather resistant steel frames. These chairs are often smaller than wood or metal types, so more people can be seated, but if used outdoors, these lighter weight chairs frequently blow over in the wind.

For longer chair life, any built in cushioning should be high density foam that is covered in a stain resistant fabric.

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