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Food Processors

Food processors, like blenders, are an essential in any well equipped kitchen. Their high quality stainless steel blades quickly perform tasks such as chopping, grinding, mixing, and pureeing. Look for models that feature work bowls made from clear shatter proof materials mounted on large sturdy bases. Newer models come in a variety of colors.

The price of food processors depends on their size and the accessories that come with them. Mini processors can be purchased for less than $40, but full size models list for up to $350. Cuisinart is the most wide known manufacturer of food processors, but companies such as Kitchen Aid also make quality machines. The following should be considered when buying a food processor:

  • Mini prep processors are suitable for everyday preparing of small amounts of food. They take up very little counter space. Because they are light weight they can easily be stored in a cabinet. Most have two speeds and can handle up to 21 ounces of food. They will chop and grind but will not come with the accessories that allow slicing and shredding.
  • Full size food processors have 11 to 14 cup capacities. They should have large feed tubes and covered work bowls with handles. Most of these models are equipped with not only a stainless steel blade but also slicing and shredding discs. Other processing discs and whisks can usually be purchased. Their heavy duty motors should be able to kneed dough. The best models have sturdy die cast metal housings and powerful horsepower induction motors.
  • Wand type food processors are handy for mixing or pureeing food in the pots they have been cooked in, but they will not chop, slice or shred without additional equipment. The bottom of the wand detaches from the top, which houses the motor, and so can be washed in the dishwasher.

Manufacturers have recently introduced machines that combine food processors with blenders. These have two different bowls that share the same base, but these models do not have the capacity of full size processors.

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