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Our Guide to Home Decorating

It's been said that the difference between a house and a home is the home decorations. By choosing the right furnishings, color schemes, and textures, it is possible to transform virtually any space into a statement of taste and project a special message.

How you choose to decorate your home is a very personal matter. Much depends on your preferences. Some like the sleek, clean lines of modernism; others prefer the rustic look of a country home. A room can be efficiently business-like, or it can be soft, cuddly, warm, and inviting. So, while we can't tell you how you should decorate, we can offer you suggestions.

Peruse the following pages of our home decorating guide. We hope you'll like what you see:

You may also be interested in learning about decorating in accordance with Feng Shui, the ancient but increasingly popular Chinese style.

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