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Kitchen Carts

Kitchen carts are a great way to provide more cooking workspace in the kitchen or to create a moveable workspace out on a patio and balcony. Carts come in a wide variety of styles, finishes, and shapes. You can choose wood, stainless steel, or iron carts with butcher block, granite, or stainless steel tops. When shopping for one, some features to consider are:

  • Indoor/outdoor capability so you can use it outside without worrying about weather damage to the cart
  • Fold out shelf(s) for additional work space or an eating/serving area
  • Castors that can be locked when using the cart for stability and safety
  • A cart that folds up when not being used if storage space is limited
  • Electric burners if you want to cook on the cart but need a flameless burner because of fire restrictions
  • Heating compartment to get food warm until it is served
  • Storage
    • drawer(s) to keep utensils handy
    • towel rack with hooks to store towels and pots/pans within easy reach
    • cabinets with adjustable shelves to accommodate your cooking and serving equipment
    • knife blocks, built-in spice racks, and bakers racks

If you will be using your cart as a beverage server, look for:

  • Bottle racks to store your beverage bottles
  • Racks or shelves for your glasses
  • Matching stools for sitting around the cart when used as a bar counter

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