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Kitchen Knives

Ask any chef -- professional or home kitchen -- and they will tell you about their Wusthof, Sabatier, or Henckels knives -- or give you a blank stare because they think a knife is just a knife.

But they aren't. Expensive knives cost more because of their design, balance, materials and construction. They are easier to use and cut better longer (with proper care). Our preference is with the Henckels.

When shopping for Henckels keep in mind that they offer an array of price/quality levels. Their value line (identified by the logo, which has only one figure in it rather than the two entwined figures as shown in the photo to the right) is designed for cooks who use them for only an hour or two a day; the professional line is designed for the much heavier use that a knife gets in a professional kitchen.

A good quality Henckels knife costs a lot more than the dollar store variety, but it makes a great gift for the serious cook, whether they are just starting out or have years of experience behind them.

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