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Murphy Beds

If you are looking to add sleeping space to your home but don't have room for a regular bed, you should consider purchasing a fold away bed that can be hidden when it is not in use. Originally invented by William P. Murphy in 1900 as a way to increase the living space in a small apartment, these beds have been improved so that they are now extremely comfortable and easy to operate.

If you are thinking of buying a Murphy bed, consider the following:

  • Unlike other types of folding beds (e.g., sofa beds and futons), the mattress in a Murphy bed doesn't fold -- instead, the bed tilts up on end and into a specially designed cabinet. Consequently, look for brands that are manufactured from strong, heavy gauge steel frames which are riveted together.
  • Because lifting a bed can otherwise be very difficult, choose a model that includes a weighted or spring loaded counterbalancing mechanism that allows easy, one handed operation.
  • The bed legs should fold automatically when the bed is lifted in order to allow for ease in opening and closing up the bed..
  • Murphy beds will accommodate a standard innerspring mattress in twin, double, queen and king sizes. Although these beds can be sold with their own mattresses, you should look for models that allow you to supply your own mattress for greater choice and eventual replacement.
  • The most convenient models will fold away completely equipped with sheets, blankets and pillows that can be strapped in place, so the bed does not need to made up with each use.

Most of Murphy beds fold away into a cabinet that looks like an attractive piece of furniture. These cabinets come in a wide variety of styles and colors and can usually be incorporated into a wall storage system. Alternatively, you might want to consider a unit that fits into an existing closet in order to get the unit out of the room entirely.

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