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Pool Lounges

Once just inexpensive inflatable rafts, newer model pool lounges are more like floating easy chairs, complete with cup holders, leg rests, and adjustable backs. These lounges enable you to enjoy your pool while reading, visiting with family and friends, or catching a quick nap. Lounges are manufactured in a wide range of styles, materials and prices. They are available from businesses that sell pool equipment and from specialty manufactures through catalogs and web sites.

If you are thinking of buying a floating lounge for your pool, consider the following:

  • The lounge should have a sturdy, floatable frame and should accommodate different sized users. A good model will adjust to both sitting and reclining positions, and it should be easy to get in and out of.
  • The lounge should be covered in a comfortable, non slip fabric that is resistant to wear and fading from exposure to the sun and pool chemicals.
  • Look for conveniences such as cup holders, curved arm rests and built in headrests. The lounge will be easier to store if it folds up.

  • Pool lounges are also made in inflatable styles. These should be constructed of puncture resistant PVC on the sides and bottom. Look for models that have quick and easy inflation systems.

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