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Rolling Bookcase Ladders

Traditionally associated with floor to ceiling bookcases in libraries, rolling ladders can be a valuable way to take advantage of storage space at the top of a wall that would be otherwise unreachable. Rolling ladders are versatile, attractive, safe, and convenient. They can be installed to accommodate all kinds of interior situations, and they are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Ladders made from hard woods such as cherry, oak or mahogany will look attractive in traditionally designed rooms such as living rooms, libraries, home offices, game rooms, or wine cellars. A metal ladder may look best in a sleek modern kitchen. Rolling ladders are made by specialty manufacturers who offer them both as standard sizes or custom made to fit the space.

If you are thinking of buying a rolling bookcase ladder, consider the following:

  • Rolling bookcase ladders are attached to a track at the top of the bookcase, cabinet, or wall by brackets. The track can be made from a hardwood that matches the ladder, or it can be a steel tube track. Tracks that curve around corners, travel from wall to wall, or move completely around the room are available.
  • The wheels at the bottom of these ladders should be non-marking rubber cushion wheels that can roll on carpeting or hard floors. Wheels should be enclosed in heavy metal castings. If your floor is uneven, look for models that will accommodate this with an upper roller assembly with solid steel rollers on hidden slides.
  • Most of these ladders are straight, but they are also available in a bent design that lets them clear cabinets, desks, bookshelves, or other obstacles around the sides of the room.
  • Safety features include tapered side rails, beveled steps, and mounted grab bars. Look for ladders with plated steel braces and an oversize bottom step for additional strength.

Rolling ladders are also handy in garages or storage lofts. When used in these spaces, you may want to consider models that fold for storage or have a j hook assembly that allows them to be removed from the track.

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