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Towels are essential household equipment. Good towels are made from terry cloth cotton because of its superior absorbency and soft texture. Cotton can also be dyed in a wide range of colors, making it possible for the consumer to easily decorate the bathroom by mixing and matching towels of various hues. Towels can cost less than $7, although better towels will be more expensive. They can be ordered online or through catalogs as they are easy and inexpensive to ship.

Consider the following when buying towels:

  • Think about whether you want to purchase complete sets of towels (bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth, and possibly a matching bath mat) or whether you prefer to buy them separately so that you can mix colors or have extra bath towels or wash cloths.
  • Less expensive towels will not be as large, thick, or absorbent as those that cost more. However, they may be easier to wash and faster to dry.
  • Better quality bath towels will measure approximately 28x55 inches, hand towels 20x30 inches and wash cloths will be about 12 inches square. Bath sheets are extra large towels, measuring up to 40x72 inches.
  • White towels will show dirt and stains more quickly than colored towels, but plain white towels can be bleached in the wash. Dark colored towels may need to be washed separately.

Fine towels are often monogrammed with the owner's initials. These monograms can be one to three initials and can be sewn in a wide variety of letter styles. Monogrammed towels make excellent gifts, but remember to allow extra time when buying them.

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