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Holiday Wreaths

Wreaths can now be purchased and displayed for any holiday. They can be constructed from both natural and synthetic materials. Fresh greens are traditional in December, but these will only last as long as the weather stays cold. Wreaths made from dried materials look natural and can last several years but eventually will deteriorate. Synthetic wreaths are the longest lived but care should be taken that they don't look too artificial.

The following should be considered when buying holiday wreaths:

  • Measure the space where you wish to hang the wreath. Make sure the wreath will look neither insignificant (too small) nor overwhelming (too large).
  • If the wreath will be hung outside, make sure it can stand up to the weather. Consider whether birds or squirrels will be tempted to eat decorations such as berries or nuts.
  • Make sure the colors and materials selected are appropriate for the holiday or season of the year.
  • Make sure the wreath can be securely hung. Fasteners should be sturdy enough to support its weight. If you are hanging the wreath outdoors, hang the wreath so that it will not blow off in the wind.

Remember that wreaths exposed to direct sunlight or overheated conditions will deteriorate much faster, so you will want to find a hanging location that won't lead to an early end to your wreath.

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