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Kitchen Appliance Overview

A number of major appliances have become standard equipment in the typical kitchen. In general, these appliances should match in appearance, which means they should be from the same manufacturer and same product line. Unless you are on a very strict budget and expect the next owner of your home to replace your appliances, we recommend avoiding the low end appliances. Similarly, unless you have a strong desire to simply splash money around, we also suggest avoiding the very top of the line models. The best value, in general, is in the upper grades, where the emphasis is on form and function at a justifiable (but not always reasonable) cost.

When shopping for appliances, consider the following factors:

  • purchase price - shop around for a deal; although we recommend buying matched appliances, you may need to acquire them one at a time throughout the year to get the best deal.
  • operating costs - energy efficient appliances can save you a lot of money since appliances like refrigerators are always on.
  • ease of use and cleaning - your appliance does not need to do everything: avoid paying for features that are useless gimmicks such as a talking refrigerator, but if your budget can afford it, make sure you get valuable time-saving features such as self-defrosting and self-cleaning.

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