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Bamboo Floors

Using bamboo for flooring has become one of the hottest trends in decorating, especially among those who are looking to go "green." Bamboo is actually a grass that is harvested from managed plantations. It is an easily replenished resource that grows back about four years after it has been cut. Harvesting bamboo does not destroy wildlife habitats.

Bamboo flooring comes as prefinished engineered boards that have an exotic striped grain. It can be ordered in a variety of light to dark wood tones. The engineered boards are installed as a floating floor that is laid by gluing the tongue and groove edges or by simply snapping the edges together. This makes them easier to install than solid wood boards, and they are less likely to expand and contract. These floors are very durable, as they are manufactured with multiple layers of finish.

Bamboo floors have a warm, natural look. They can be used in homes of any age and style. They are suitable for almost any room in the house, especially living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, hallways and stairs.

Clean bamboo floors by vacuuming or sweeping frequently and occasionally mopping them with clear water.

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