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Bathroom Cabinets / Vanities

Bathroom cabinets are basically very expensive, pretty wood boxes for holding out of sight your shampoo, towels, and extra rolls of toilet paper. Cost and appearance are the two primary concerns, but you should also consider ease of cleaning and durability (the bathroom is a very humid spot and can cause wood to warp and veneer to peel). Try to avoid any cabinet that sits directly on the floor, as these will be subject to exposure to wetness.


Melamine and other veneers on top of particle board are the most common materials, but the high end cabinets contain solid wood. The real wood content increases with the price and can be found mostly in the the doors and face frame. Undersink cabinets generally have no top as they are designed for either a countertop or overlapping sink to cover them. Knobs, pulls, and hinges, where present, are usually aluminum or brass.


Basically, most bathroom cabinets are designed as a sink cabinet (for under the sink), a wall cabinet (for over the toilet or other area), or a medicine cabinet (built into the wall, usually with a mirror on the front). Many manufacturers make lines of cabinets that contain matching models of each type.

Like kitchen cabinets, you can choose between standardized and custom fit. Standardized

bathroom cabinets are usually sold pre-assembled, but some (mostly wall cabinets) are packed in pieces for you to assemble in your bathroom. The cabinets come in a variety of widths to accommodate most bathrooms and have a choice of drawers or open space.

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