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Long a popular bathroom feature in Europe and Asia, bidets are becoming increasingly common in luxury bathrooms in America. The function of the bidet is often misunderstood. They are not urinals but serve as small washbasins for washing the most personal parts of the body. They are also handy for washing the feet and make great baby baths. The elderly or infirm, who may be afraid of slipping in the shower or have trouble getting into the bathtub, will find a bidet an invaluable way to maintain personal hygiene.

If you are thinking of installing a bidet in your bathroom, consider the following:

  • The simplest bidets operate like a sink. Water from an attached faucet pours warm water into the basin, which can be plugged and filled. When the cleansing process is finished, the plug is pulled and the water drains away.
  • Other bidet models have a nozzle that propels an angled arc of water into the air, where it contacts with the person sitting on the bidet. Some bidets have two nozzles, one at the front and another at the back.
  • Those who would like to have a bidet but who have limited space for installing one should consider a combination toilet/bidet (also known as paperless toilets). These units will often also dry you after washing.

Another option is to add bidet like function to an existing toilet by using a special toilet seat. These special seats are often automatically heated for added comfort.

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