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Brazilian Cherry Flooring (Jatoba)

Brazilian cherry (known in South America as Jatoba) is a beautiful, warm toned exotic wood that has a reddish brown color with fine dark brown to black streaks that enhance its luxurious appearance. Over time the wood ages to a deep, dark red to brown burgundy color.

If you are thinking of installing Brazilian cherry floors, consider the following:

  • Brazilian cherry floors can be used in homes of any age and style. It is suitable for almost any room in the house, especially living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms bedrooms, hallways and stairs. It is fast becoming the most fashionable choice for kitchens with hardwood floors.
  • Brazilian cherry is extremely strong and durable. It is more than twice as hard as oak and three times as hard as American cherry.
  • This flooring is available from companies that specialize in exotic woods. It can be purchased with a super hard factory applied finish or shipped as unfinished boards. Companion trim pieces are also available.
  • Clean Brazilian cherry floors by vacuuming or sweeping and occasionally mopping them with clear water.

If you are concerned about purchasing your hardwood flooring from a company that adheres to environmentally responsible harvesting practices, look for certification by either Smartwood or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

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