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Built In Aquariums

The large aquariums featured at high end resorts are inspiring a new trend in interior home design: large home aquariums. Until recently, aquariums were made from glass, which made large tanks extremely expensive. Now specialty manufactures are producing new tanks from acrylic, which allows economically priced tanks to be both much larger and made in a wide variety of interesting shapes. When used in a home, these tanks can become major focal points in any room; they can even serve as room dividers, so that the swimming fish can be enjoyed from more than one location.

If you are thinking of purchasing an acrylic aquarium for your home, consider the following:

  • Large acrylic large tanks can hold thousands of pounds of water, so they require the proper structural support. Make sure your floor can take the weight before buying and filling a large tank.
  • Many homeowners decide to install acrylic tanks in an attractive cabinet. This, along with the necessary wiring for filtering systems, water chillers and lighting, will add to the overall cost.
  • Make sure your aquarium is fully functional before investing in any fish. The most colorful

    and exotic fish are expensive and can be very sensitive to anything other than ideal conditions.
  • Aquarium accessories have also improved in the last few years. Look for filter systems that use smaller size water chillers and bacteria laden sand, which makes it easier to maintain ecosystems.

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