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Built In Refrigerators

Built in refrigerators are an increasingly popular “must have” for luxury kitchens. These refrigerators are also known as “cabinet depth” refrigerators because they measure between 23.5 to 26 inches deep, and so do not stick out from a standard 24 inch counter top more than 2 inches. Their shallower depth allows for a more integrated kitchen look than a standard refrigerator. Built ins also provide a more customized appearance, as they can be installed with panels that match the fronts of the cabinets. Stainless steel or colored fronts are also available. Once made by only a few high end manufacturers, the overwhelming demand for these built in refrigerators has resulted in many more brands coming on the market.

If you are thinking of buying a built in refrigerator, consider the following:
  • These refrigerators come in a variety of models. There are refrigerators with freezers on the top or bottom and side by side units. Some manufacturers offer units that are only refrigerators which can be paired with all freezer models.
  • These refrigerators come in 30, 36, 42 and 48 inch widths. They can be as tall as 90 inches, so they can take up the entire space between the floor and the soffit.
  • Built in refrigerators have less interior space than standard refrigerators of the same width and height because they are shallower. However, this also means that fewer items get "lost in the back" of the refrigerator.
  • Because they are meant to be built into the wall or cabinets, built in refrigerators are not finished on the sides. They also usually require special construction before they can be installed.

Built in refrigerators are more expensive than most standard models, and they are more difficult to move to a new location.

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