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Cast (Veneer) Stone

Using natural looking stone to give the interior of any dwelling a warm and textured appearance is one of the hottest trends in decorating today. Most of this stone is not real river rock, fieldstone, or limestone. It is instead an artificial material that is just as hard and weatherproof as stone and virtually impossible to distinguish from the real thing.

Cast stone is much less expensive to purchase and to install than natural rock. It is made from a mixture of various crushed rock, recycled concrete, hardening agents and permanent mineral oxide tints. This mixture is poured into stone shaped molds and hardened. Because they are only one to three inches thick, these cast stones are not nearly as heavy as real stones. They can be mortared to interior walls constructed from plywood, drywall or cement board and do not have to sit on top of a costly poured concrete foundation.

Consider the following if you are thinking of installing cast stone:

  • Cast stone is most frequently used in great rooms, family rooms, hall ways, and country kitchens, but it can be used in any room in the house. It is a popular choice for bathroom showers. It can be used on the exterior of the house to line foundations and to create columns and impressive entries.
  • Cast stone with a flatter surface is better for kitchen backsplashes and shower stalls than jagged fieldstone types because it is easier to keep clean by wiping it off with a cloth or sponge.
  • If you are planning to use cast stone in more than one area of your house, it is often best to stick with one type so that each room relates to the whole design. Cast stone mixes beautifully with materials such as brick and wooden shingles.

Cast stone is a practical and durable home construction choice. It is cleaned by occasional vacuuming.

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