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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can add comfort and efficiency to your home by quietly and gently circulating air. In the summer, the breeze from the fan helps to keep you cool. In the winter, because hot air slowly accumulates near the ceiling, a slow moving fan can move the heated air back towards the floor and thus reduce the work your furnace must do to warm the occupied portion of the room.

Check with the zoning code in your area or ask at the place you buy your fan, but in general, you want the bottom of the fan to be no less than seven feet off the floor and a foot from the ceiling. This provides a safety zone to keep people from hitting their heads and enough room for the fan to efficiently circulate the air.

That said, you can choose between traditional stem mounted fans and "hugger" models, which attach close to the ceiling for rooms with low ceilings. Many models feature one or more lights integrated into the fan. Fans are generally variable (or stepped) speeds and can be controlled by a pull chain, wall switch, or remote control.

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