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Central Vacuums

Central vacuum cleaners ease the drudgery of cleaning by eliminating the need to haul a heavy vacuum around the house and up and down stairs. In addition, central vacuums are much quieter to operate and can move the dirty exhaust to the basement or outside.

When buying a central vacuum, here are some features to consider:

  • vacuum power - large houses, which have an extensive system, need a more powerful motor to create an effective dirt-pulling vacuum. Be sure that the model you buy is sufficiently powerful for your house.
  • collection - the dirt collects in a canister in the basement. When comparing models, understand what additional air filters are needed and how often they most be cleaned or replaced. Some units exhaust the fine particles to reduce the mess and potential loss of suction from clogged filters.
  • powered attachments - for better cleaning of carpets, some systems have powered brushes at the cleaning head that do a better job loosening dirt than relying on suction alone.
  • allergy sensitivity - as an alternative to outside exhausting for homes with hyper-allergenic residents, consider models that employ HEPA filtering.

  • monitors - a handy feature is an indicator light to alert you when the unit needs emptying or the filter needs changing.

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