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Home Chandeliers

Chandeliers refer to the ornate style of light fixtures found in formal dining rooms and entry halls. Their elegant, lacy sparkle can beautiful the simplest of room. Because chandeliers hang several feet below the ceiling, they should only be used in rooms with high ceilings or over tables.

Chandeliers are generally comprised of many small bulbs and a generous array of sparkling crystal arranged on or hanging from the arms that extend from the center piece. Various metals can be used for the arms, the hanging structure, and the finial -- brass, bronze, iron, and polished aluminum are just a few.

When buying a chandelier, here are a few tips to consider:
  • chandeliers should provide an even glow to the room, not harsh illumination. Remember, that originally candles were used, and your modern chandelier should mimic that glow.
  • the individual lights should not be so bright as to discourage looking at the chandelier. Bright bulbs should be frosted or encased in a shade or fixture to avoid direct exposure.
  • make sure the ceiling attachment point has sufficient bracing to support the weight of the chandelier. Large crystal chandeliers can be very heavy.

Buying a chandelier with multiple light settings or installing the chandelier on a dimmer switch is a good way to conserve energy when the full brightness is not needed.

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