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Chimney Pots

For hundreds of years chimney pots have been installed at the top of fireplace flues, adding distinction to any building’s roofline. These attractive architectural features can also improve the performance of the fireplace, as the added chimney height they provide can increase the flue’s draft. Although most often made from frost-free terra cotta, chimney pots are also available in glazed styles including buff, limestone, sandstone, red, brown salt glaze and black. They are not only made in a wide variety of traditional designs suitable for Georgian, Tudor, Mediterranean, and Victorian buildings, they also come in modern contemporary styles.

If you are thinking of buying a chimney pot for your house, consider the following:

  • In order to make sure that the chimney pot will function properly, you will need to measure the fireplace opening, the top of the flue opening, and the base opening of the chimney pot. Follow the manufacturers recommendations to make sure the proportions for each are correct.
  • Chimney pots are mounted by setting them in a bed of mortar on the masonry chimney cap. Additional fasteners may be desirable in areas that experience tornadoes, earthquakes, or hurricanes. Caulking can be used to prevent water leakage.
  • Rain guards that look like hats can be installed on top of chimney pots to prevent rainwater from entering the flue. These guards are made from clay in styles that complement the designs of the pots.
  • Wire mesh screens can also be added to the top of chimney pots to prevent birds and other animal pests from gaining entrance to the flue. You should check local building codes before adding any screening.

Chimney pots have recently become popular as garden decorations. They are often placed in planting beds to add architectural and textural interest, or they can be placed on the lawn or patio to look like large chess pieces.

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