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Closet Doors

Most closets require some type of a door (unless they are really just a nook). The three types to choose from are swinging doors, bi-fold doors, or sliding doors.

Swinging Doors

If your closet is a walk-in closet, you might choose a traditional door to seal the closet off or a pair of swinging doors. We replaced the bi-fold doors on our pantry with a pair of swinging doors and are very satisfied with the ease of access and the resulting appearance.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors (which, as the name suggests, are actually two doors hinged together so that they fold) are standard in new construction and are usually made from a pressed board material or metal to avoid problems of warping. The can be surfaced with glass to give the impression of a larger room. While they can be opened to give nearly full access to the closet, they are not our first choice. If you do decide to purchase bi-folds, look for doors with some weight and a quality sliding mechanism that allows the doors to open smoothly.

Sliding Doors

Nicer in appearance than the others, sliding doors are also the most expensive. As the quality of the door increases, so does its rigidity and the smoothness with which it glides on its track. As with the others, mirrored doors can dramatically
enlarge the impression of a room and add elegance to it. The only drawbacks to sliding doors are that the more expensive ones, because they weigh more, take more effort to move, and because the doors overlap, you can never have full access to the closet at one time. If that is a concern, consider using three or four doors.

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