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Compact Pools

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and recreation. As a form of exercise, swimming provides a full body workout without the impact and strains found in other activities. And as for recreation, what can beat a refreshing dip on a hot summer day? Choosing an in-ground pool over an aboveground model can also enhance the value and prestige of your home. However, full size pools can be expensive, occupy a large area, and take on an institutional or motel look if you want enough space for a suitable work out. If you are concerned about one or more of these drawbacks, a compact swimming pool is an excellent choice.

Compact swimming pools are small pools -- often only slightly larger than a large spa or hot tub -- with a current. That is, water flows from one end of the pool to the other so that the swimmer does not travel while swimming. This technique allows a small pool to be of virtually limitless length. Because of their size, compact swimming pools are also more easily included inside the house to allow for more comfortable year round use.

When deciding on a compact swimming pool, here are some points to consider:

  • water current speeds - make sure the pool you choose propels the water fast enough for you; otherwise, you will exceed the current and run into the front of the pool. Similarly, make sure the pool is long enough to accommodate fluctuations in your speed without having to constantly reset or "fine tune" the current speed.
  • a built in water heater is important is you install the pool outside and want to use it in cool weather; if you use the pool for therapeutic reasons, you may also want to crank the heat up to temperatures rivaling a hot tub.
  • look for a pool that allows you to make adjustments while still in the water so that you don't have to keep hopping out to adjust the current speed or water temperature
  • creating a current is hard work, so make

    sure you buy durable equipment and compare the energy efficiency ratings of different models.

If you already have a pool, you might want to investigate portable current machines that can be positioned at the edge of the pool to create a current in just one area.

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