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Controlling Geese

Increasingly over the past two decades, non-migratory Canada Geese have become major nuisances with their droppings (about a pound a day per bird, on average), honking, blocking traffic, and aggressiveness towards people. Goose control has become a growth industry, with an expanding variety of non-lethal tactics being employed. Among these are:

  • Border collies or other dogs that will chase the geese away.
  • Lawn treatments that make grass unpalatable or inedible.
  • Lawn treatments that absorb UV light and make the grass appear unpalatable to geese (the grass will look the same to humans).
  • Various types of fences and barriers, some of them retractable and easily removable. Non-migratory geese prefer to walk, and avoid flying at all costs. Moreover, during periods when they molt feathers, they are unable to fly.
  • “Sonic repellers” that scare geese away by playing recordings of their alarm calls.
  • “Ultrasonic repellers” that play sounds beyond the perception of human hearing, but which are irritating to geese and/or other birds.
  • Stationary models of predators (such as alligators, foxes, or owls) that you place in strategic spots on the perimeter of your property. Unfortunately, many species of birds, including geese, have learned to ignore these modern-day scarecrows.

When selecting a goose control method or specialist, look for guarantees of effectiveness, and pay close attention to the fine print regarding disclaimers.

Several of the general strategies used against geese are also employed against other nuisance birds, such as making their food distasteful (but not poisoned), scaring them off with sounds, or preventing them from roosting. The specific products tend to vary depending on the type of birds that you are trying to deter.

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