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Cork Floors

Cork is an often overlooked but very suitable material for flooring. Cork flooring is easy to install and moderately priced. It offers excellent sound proofing and is warm and comfortable underfoot. Previously available in brown tones only, cork now comes in a variety of colors which can be mixed and matched to produce all kinds of designs. A completely natural and renewable product, cork is also an environmentally friendly choice. Cork flooring usually comes as tiles or planks that are easy to cut and lay.

The following should be considered when buying cork flooring:

  • Cork is soft, but it will bounce back when objects are dropped on it. This makes it a good choice for children's rooms.
  • Cork is also non slip, which makies it a good bathroom floor.
  • New cork floors must be sealed to waterproof them. Otherwise, they will absorb moisture, and the seams will eventually swell open. Check with your supplier on the right sealer to use.
  • Cork floors are not as resistant as other flooring choices to heavy traffic such as that found in entry ways and hallways, so avoid using it in these areas.

Cork floors can be cleaned by mopping them with diluted household detergent. They should be swept frequently to remove abrasives that can scratch them.

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