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No kitchen should be without a good dishwasher. The clean up time they save over doing dishes by hand is immense and directly translates to the ability to make more elaborate meals or more free time.

When shopping for a dishwasher, consider these features:

  • range of wash cycles - a "rinse and hold" cycle is great for singles and couples without children as it allows you to accumulate dishes over several days before doing a full wash.
  • built in water heater to raise the water temperature to the optimal cleaning temperature automatically.
  • intelligent and flexible layout of the drawers so that you can accomodate that once a month roasting pan or the week's collection of cereal bowls.
  • quiet operation - a good dishwasher can be very powerful yet designed and insulated so that you barely know it's on.
  • easy to use controls - remember, you're washing dishes not flying an airplane; that said, we're partial to our dishwasher with a digital display that counts down the minutes left in the cycle.

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