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Driveways Alarms

A driveway alarm can improve your security by giving you advance notice of both welcome and unwanted visitors. It can also help you avoid missing deliveries. The most common systems cover up to 1000 feet, but units that work up to 2500 feet can also be purchased.

There are basically three types of alarm systems, depending on their sensor mechanism:

  • a motion detector that is activated by either large animals or moving vehicles
  • an invisible beam that, when broken, activates the alarm
  • a metal detector that will only be set off by large, metal objects, such as vehicles.

Which type of sensor you choose depends on your objectives. The metal-only detectors are excellent in areas where wild life, such as deer or coyotes, would otherwise trip the alarm. On the other hand, a motion detector can alert you to people entering your driveway.

Other features:

  • Most systems use a wireless signal to activate the in-home receiver. This eliminates the need for running a wire.
  • The detectors can be battery or solar powered; here again, this saves you the effort of running power out to the sensing location. However, batteries need to be replaced and some areas, particularly shady locations or cloudy northern climates may not be suitable for solar powered units.
  • The alert tone or message can vary. Choose one that is suitable for your needs. Some systems also will connect to outdoor lighting, so that you can illuminate the drive when someone arrives.

Most systems allow you to buy additional

equipment that can cover up to four different locations on your property at the same time. These features can be installed to protect areas such as garages, barns, patios and pools. They can sound alarms or automatically flood the areas with lights.

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