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Driveway Gate Openers

Automatic openers add convenience to the use of driveway gates. People who do not originally install them often quickly change their minds, so you should plan ahead if you are not including them when you first put in your driveway gate. These openers also provide for more security, as the gate cannot be opened without the access controls. Automatic gate systems typically include both an opener and the controls to operate it.

They can be purchased from companies that install driveway gates and from online sites. The following should be considered when buying driveway gate openers:

  • A gate opener is the motorized arm that opens and closes the gate. A solid state circuit board will receive the signal from the access control to activate the opener. Look for features that will keep the gate open for guests or reverse the gate if it encounters an obstacle.
  • The opener you should purchase depends on what type of gate you have. The most popular choice for swing gates is a linear actuator style. Look for designs that have bolt on, post mounted installation with a powerful arm. Articulated arm style openers are pad mounted. They are better for heavier gates or situations where there is more than normal use. Battery backup is also desirable.
  • There are a number of access control types:
    • Hand held controls are radio transmitters similar to automatic garage openers that activate the gate by pushing a button. They are available as tiny models that attach to a key chain or larger ones that clip to a sun visor.
    • Keypads allow entry by using a numeric code. They are easily programmed so they can be changed frequently, and they can accommodate several codes at one time.
    • Exit sensors come with cable that can be buried along the driveway and will detect moving metal to operate the gate.
    • A photo eye shoots a beam of light across the gate opening. If it is interrupted, it will prevent the gate from closing.
  • Other handy features include intercoms that allow voice communication so

    that the gate can be opened from inside the property. Telephone entry systems will announce visitors by ringing the phones in the house. The gate can be opened by pushing one of the buttons on the phone.

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