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Driveway Gates

An attractive driveway gate can add architectural interest and distinction to your property. It can also help provide security and privacy. Gates can be incorporated into existing fences, stone or brick walls, and hedges. You can plan to include a beautiful gate if you are enclosing all or part of your yard. They can be custom built, but less expensive gates can be purchased from specialty manufactures found at online sites.

The following should be considered when buying a driveway gate:

  • Think about what style of gate you want. Driveway gates are manufactured in a wide range of designs, from very rustic to the most formal. A gate will be more successful if you consider the architecture of your house and select a style that complements it.
  • Gates will be exposed to the weather for many years, so choose one made from a material that can stand up to it. Traditionally gates have been made from woods such as cedar or pressure treated lumber or metals such as cast or wrought iron. Gates made from man made materials such as composites or aluminum can require less maintenance. Sturdy steel gates can be powder coat painted to resemble wrought iron.
  • Decide whether you want people to be able to see through your gate. A gate with see-through openings will keep people and animals out but allow them to view your house and yard. If you want more security and privacy, you should choose a solid gate.
  • Driveway gates are usually manufactured to be anywhere from 12 to 18 feet wide, depending on the width of your driveway. Decide whether you want a single swing gate or a pair of panels that meet in the middle of the driveway. Pairs are often better for wider driveways. Sliding gates are also available.
  • Consider if you are willing to manually open the gates every time you enter and exit the driveway. Automatic gate openers are a real convenience if you frequently drive your car. They also provide additional security to both you and your property.

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