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Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits

Each time a dryer is used, lint settles in the dryer filter and ducts. As lint accumulates, it affects the dryer by increasing the drying time, the wear and tear on the dryer, energy costs, and the possibility of a fire. Although most people clean the dryer filter after each load, they forget to clean the ducts. For optimal operation it is generally recommended that you clean your dryer ducts yearly, more often if you use your dryer frequently.

If you are doing the job yourself, consider getting a dryer cleaning kit to make the work more convenient. The kit should include the following tools:

  • A long brush, much like an oversized pipe cleaner with a handle, for cleaning the lint trap and reaching all the nooks and crannies below and around the trap that lint can get in. A sturdy handle makes holding the brush easier.
  • A bristle brush like a bottlebrush for cleaning the dryer ducts. The rod should be flexible so you can go around bends to reach the lint without harming the duct. Those that fit on a cordless drill and work like an auger can make the job easier.
  • Extensions for the brushes so you have the length needed to do a complete cleaning.
  • Vacuum adapters for using the airflow from sweepers, wet/dry vacs or similar machines to clean the ducts of lint missed by the brush.

If your have long duct runs, multiple bends, or ducts through walls or the attic, you

might want to a professional to do the job. An advantage to hiring a professional is you can also have the dryer and vents checked to insure everything is in proper working order, and if not, have the items repaired or replaced.

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