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Dual Fuel Kitchen Ranges

Dual fuel kitchen ranges are an increasingly popular choice for luxury kitchens. They provide the home cook with the high performance of commercial type gas cook top burners and the even temperatures and convenience of electric self cleaning ovens. These ranges come in 30 inch, 36 inch, 48 inch and even 60 inch models. Made from heavy duty, brushed 18 inch grade stainless steel, they stand out as commanding focal points in any kitchen, especially when they are topped by a wall mounted exhaust hood.

If you are thinking of buying a dual fuel range, consider the following:

  • These ranges have between 4 and 6 gas cook top burners, depending on their width. The larger sizes can also feature griddles and grills. Be sure to check on the number of burners that will allow you to gently simmer at a low temperature. Some models will have two low temperature burners, while others have dual stacked burners that let you increase the heat from very low to high on any burner. Look for completely sealed stove top cooking surfaces that have porcelain coated cast iron grates.
  • Most of these ranges use natural gas for the cook top burners, but some companies make models that are fueled by LP gas.
  • The large electric ovens in these ranges can bake or roast by conventional or convection systems. They will also broil. The smaller ovens in the 48 inch models are usually not convection ovens or broilers. Only the 60 inch units offer two ovens with multiple conventional and convection settings. One manufacturer offers a model with one gas and one electric oven.
  • Compare the number of racks and rack settings in the ovens. Some models have 3 racks and 5 rack positions; others offer more.

The companies that make these dual fuel ranges often identify themselves by the highly colored oven controls on the front of the ranges. These controls have become one of the latest kitchen status symbols.

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