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Electronic Touchpad Locksets

Electronic touchpad locksets offer the ease and security of keyless entry. No longer is it necessary to carry around your keys, searching for them at your doorway, or worrying about losing them. A touchpad system allows you to enter your personal security code to quickly unlock your door.

Most electronic touchpad lock systems accept up to six different codes, which can be easily changed at any time. Temporary codes can be set up to allow a neighbor, cleaning crew, or tradesman one time access. Touchpad sets are especially useful for children, who frequently lose house keys, and they eliminate the need for hiding a key outside.

Consider the following if you are thinking of installing an electronic touchpad lockset:

  • Touchpad locksets will be easiest to install if the lockset is similar to the lock that is already in your door. Make sure that the kit includes the mounting hardware, striker plates and necessary screws.
  • A good system will have an alarm that sounds after several consecutive incorrect codes are entered. This prevents an intruder from trying to guess the entry code.
  • Look for sets that have glow in the dark keypads for easy night time entry.
  • Back up keys should also be part of the lockset in case of power failure or a problem with the electronics.
  • Electronic locksets are made from a variety of metals, such as brass and chrome, and from shatterproof plastic. They come with both doorknobs and fashionable lever handles. If you are buying a lever handle style, make sure you choose a right handed set if the hinge is on the right as you face the door, or a left handed set if it is on the left.

Electronic touchpad locksets with deadbolts for greater security are also available.

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