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Eucalyptus Floors

Eucalyptus floors are becoming a popular choice among those who are looking for “green” building materials. Eucalyptus wood comes from countries such as Australia and Argentina, where it grows rapidly on managed plantations. Because it is so easy to replenish, it does not destroy natural wildlife habitats. Eucalyptus floors are hard and durable. The wood is easy to work with, as it saws easily and nails and glues well. Eucalyptus accepts stains and it polishes to a beautiful finish.

If you are thinking of installing a eucalyptus floor, consider the following:

  • All eucalyptus wood should be carefully dried to avoid cracking after it has been installed. Be sure your supplier has properly cured it.
  • Eucalyptus comes in a variety of natural colors depending on where it is grown. Shades range from light brown to reddish brown to pale pinkish brown. Be sure you are getting the variety you want and order a sufficient quanitity at one time to avoid problems with color matching between lots.
  • These floors can be used in homes of any age and style, and they are suitable for almost any room in the house, especially living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and stairs. They are a particularly fashionable choice for kitchen floors.

Clean eucalyptus floors by vacuuming or sweeping and occasionally mopping them with clear water.

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