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Fans can help keep your home comfortable year round. If the summer air temperature remains on the mild side of warm and the humidity remains at comfortable levels -- or if your hot season is brief -- consider using fans in place of air conditioning to cool your home. In hot climates, fans can be an economical enhancement to an air conditioning system that can reduce the cooling power and running time. In winter, fans can supplement your heating system.

Fans help in two ways: they can redistribute air and they can blow air directly on you. When left on its own, air stratifies, with warm air accumulating near the ceiling and cooler air accumulating near the floor. In the winter, a fan can be used to gently move the warm air back towards the lower portions of the room and thus raise the apparent temperature of the room. In summer, fans that cause air to pass over our skin increases evaporation, and thus enhances the body's normal cooling and our comfort.

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